We customize and integrate leading technologies and software applications to create IT systems that meet our clients’ strategic and specific needs. We offer full service offerings in all areas of information technology but distinguish ourselves by our human solutions approach to following key areas:

Our Service offerings include:


Eliciting and analyzing requirements through work place observation, focus groups, interviews to ensure consistency, accuracy of client’s needs with no room for ambiguity and /conflicts. Where necessary, we employ a combination of methods to establish the exact requirements of stakeholders, to ensure that a system that is produced meets the business needs . This includes developing business process documentation such as a summary list, use cases, user stories (in agile methodology) process specifications.

Architectural requirements – identifies the necessary system architecture and what has to be done

Structural requirements – identifies the necessary structure of a system and what it must do.

Behavioral requirements – identifies the necessary behavior how the system must perform and includes functional, non-functional and performance requirements.

Functional requirements – identifies the task, activities and actions that must be accomplished by the system.

Non Functional requirements – specific criteria used to judge the operation of a system.

Performance requirements – Extent to which a task/function must be executed or perform in terms of quality, quantity timeliness and readiness and their relationship to other requirements.[1]

Design requirements – one of the most important elements of software design is requirements. It is a part of the software development process and lists specifications. It can be considered as creating a solution to a problem with capabilities.

Where the software is user centered, software design will involve story board to list the specifications. For completely automated software with no user interface , a design could be as simple as a flow chart describing the flow and sequence of events. Two important considerations software design requirements are – security and usability options.

SBS -Corp has delivered solutions in all aspects of requirements and design. Notable listing is::

SAP – Board of Survey, Plant Maintenance;
Business Objects reports at Customs Border Protection, ACE Training for Road, rail and sea cargo processing.
Oracle Financials – CMS, CCIIO for the ACA on FEPS for processing 810, 835, 820s from Health care exchange to HIGLAS.
Training and HRIS– American Red Cross -.

Applied Methodologies – Waterfall, Prototype Model, Agile – Scurm, XP

Software and Systems Integration

Software and Systems Integration (SI) complement, harmonize old and new systems, software, work together with subsystems to deliver overarching functionality to meet end-user needs.

SI connects and adds value to existing system or capabilities by interactions with subsystems. We supply sustained solutions driven by in-depth mission and SI experience.

We deliver dynamic solutions that meet our customer’s current and future needs as their objectives evolve with minimal low-risk strategies.

  • Infrastructure Architecture Planning and Design
  • Risks and Security Planning and Management and Solutions
  • Software and Systems Development

Testing and Evaluation (IV&V)

SBS-Corp’s Independent Validation & Verification (IV&V) and Testing Support offers the full spectrum from functional system and software testing, programmatic IV&V services and Test & Evaluation Services. Efficient Testing promotes a tangible return on investment to the client. Our services are designed to detect system or software failures so that defects may be corrected before production. We apply a disciplined process in reviewing project processes, deliverables, and products and can perform IV&V services on a targeted basis at key milestones of a project, or throughout the project lifecycle.

  • Project assessments
  • Process and procedure audits
  • Project and performance management
  • Performance metrics
  • Systems analysis and design

Software Test and Evaluation (T&E)

Software Testing and Evaluation is the process by which a system or its components are compared against requirements and specifications through testing. The T&E results are evaluated to assess the progress of design, performance, supportability, functionality to identify, evaluate and reduce risk throughout the project lifecycle.

  • Test planning
  • Automated tests development
  • Functional testing
  • Load testing
  • System testing
  • Installation testing
  • User acceptance testing
  • Security testing
  • Quality control (quality assessment/quality management)
  • IV&V

Requirements Management

Configuration Management

Configuration Management (CM) delivers visibility and control over performance, including functional and physical attributes. CM services enable our clients to revise capability, improve performance and reliability, correct defects, extend life, and reduce costs and risk. CM services also create documentation (requirements, design, test, and acceptance) of software and systems

  • Develops provisions for storing, tracking and updating system information
  • Defines the functional relationships between parts, subsystems and systems
  • Provides methods for identifying and minimizing risk
  • Real-time system monitoring
  • Software Test and Evaluation

SBS -Corp has delivered solutions in CM design, and management at:
CBP – CCB, Base lining projects , releases
CVs Caremark – Theracom System
Defense Health Service Systems – Software Test and Evaluation

Applied Tools – Serena Dimensions, Quality Center, Team Foundation Server

Consulting Services and Solutions

Our consulting approach builds on people, technology trends, and levers to compose the best and viable solution for client’s staffing needs. While taking into account new people trends, we provide personalized attention to detail in matching skills, expertise, behavior for personnel to succeed in their respective positions from Mangers to help desk support.

Our approach builds on current people trends and levers to compose the best possible staffing solutions to each company’s key issues.

Business Process Reengineering and Management

Prior to establishing SBS-Corp, Team members and President of SBS-Corp bring solid experience of having worked in this field with global solution providers – Pricewaterhouse Coopers, IBM and have ingrained the processes and methodologies to SBS-Corp’s strengths. BPR the practice of rethinking and redesigning the way work is done to better support an organization’s mission, centralize data, reduce delays, reduce costs and provide incremental improvement in these areas.

SBS-Corp supported FDA for setting up the IV&V process, we analyzed Client’s organizational mission and departmental existing processes, reviewed lessons learned, identified gaps, established critical performance measure metrics for cost, quality, service and speed.

Business and Knowledge Process Management Services

We provide a holistic approach to aligning business processes and solutions with the wants and needs of our client. With our commitment to standards and consistency, we provide value added services by optimization in processes that result in more efficiency and effectiveness. When efficiently managed the processes impact the cost and revenue generation. With the BPM approach, processes can be embedded into change solutions that are both human and/ technology.


The core of Synergistic Business Solutions is providing superior and customized training solutions. With over 20 years of privileged experience in providing context-based Training, our approach encompasses content parameters and pedagogical techniques. We promise a Strategic Learning Approach to build customized and highly effective solutions for your training requirements and create long-term value for your organization with a sustained return on your investment (ROI). We will enable your organization to extend itself into new strategic initiatives by first cementing your core training processes and allowing your personnel to acquire new skills and efficient business practices as necessary.

Never before have the talent, skills, and experience of individuals been as critical to organizational performance, sustainable missions and business success as they are today. SBS will help establish that expertise and maintain that excellence.

We are experienced delivering a myriad of training solutions with ISD process using ADDIE methodology to support training needs.

Whether your need is for training is in advanced military operations, range support, technology-based simulation, healthcare or professional development, SBS has a training solution that will meet your requirements and help your organization accomplish their mission.

  • ISD ApproachTraining Strategy and Analysis
  • Interactive Simulation based training
  • ERP Applications Training
  • Scenario based Training Exercises
  • Healthcare and Financial Applications Modular Training
Training Needs Instructional Design Multimedia Development Evaluating Training
– Needs Analysis – Designing and Delivery learning- Custom Course/Content Development- Job-Aids – Web-Based Training- E-Learning that meets your preferred    cadence and learning style- Virtual Learning

– Simulations

– Animation

– Video

– Interactive Online Training

– Training Exercises- Measurement, Evaluation- ROI, Learning platforms and Learning    methodologies